Trader Loyalty Bonus

We grant a subsequent bonus of 2% on purchased single cards and accessories on all fulfilled orders of registered customers via our online store. This can be used as a discount on future orders.

A simple example:

You order goods worth 100 EUR from us.
Of this amount, 30 EUR are single cards and/or accessories.
Of the 30 EUR you receive 2%, i.e. 0.60 loyalty points credited.

The bonus will be determined upon successful completion of your order after our shipment and can be viewed at any time online in the customer account. The loyalty bonus is not payable and does not expire. So you can accumulate your bonus until you want to offset it as a discount in whole or in part with an order.

Simply enter the desired discount amount in the shopping cart. If you are logged in, your remaining loyalty points will be displayed and you can enter the amount by which the order should be discounted in the field below the value. Confirm by clicking on "Redeem coupon" and you will then see the total discounted amount in the shopping cart. One loyalty point corresponds to one euro.

The following two pictures illustrate the process.

Bonus unused:

Bonus used: