Better offer elsewhere? We meet it!

Items, that have the symbol , are part of our long-standing bestprice-guarantee:

If you can buy a comparable item from our sortiment from a comparable source for a lower price, you can contact us and we will offer you the same price.

There are some requirements ("The Small Print"):

  • It has to be the same item
    We only offer factory-sealed goods in the context of our bestprice-guarantee, so the lower offer has to be for an item in the same condition. Same for attributes like language, color, or condition.
  • It has to be a comparably offer from a comparably source
    We can’t meet offers from private individuals that sell single pieces on eBay for a starting price of 1 Euro.
  • The offer has to be public and generally accepted
    An unrelated third-party should be able to receive the same offer. This excludes auctions as well as regular customer's discounts.
  • Sales and special discount promotions can’t be considered
    The guarantee is not for temporary special events or sales. The item also has to be available in customary quantities.
  • Additional costs (postage, etc.) have to be considered
    If the item is offered at a lower price but other costs, like shipping, are much higher we can’t meet the offer.

When in doubt, we suggest to just contact us.